One of York's best known parish churches, the life of St Olave's is centred on the Sunday sung eucharist, with a liberal catholic focus in liturgy and belief. Set beside the ruins of one of England's greatest medieval abbeys, and the oldest church dedication in the world to Olav the patron saint of Norway, the largely 15th century church is one of the many glories of the city.

Sunday Services are at 10.30 am 

We welcome enquiries for weddings at St Olave's

About St Olave's:

St Olave's seeks to be inclusive, seeking to bring Christ into the world as an expression of his love. Within a formal style of worship in the mainstream tradition of the Church of England with a strong choral emphasis at the main Sunday service, we seek to reach out to all ages and there is a strong commitment to work with children and young people.

The Eucharist is at the heart of our life as a community at St Olave, holding us together in our diversity. Our worship is formal, with an emphasis on ritual that is performed carefully but with a lightness of touch, creating time for reflection and allowing a sense of God’s presence. It is an intentionally inclusive form of worship that creates the space for us to be ourselves and yet simultaneously part of a greater whole. There is an emphasis on the ministry of the word and sacraments as well as music.

Our distinctive contribution to the City Centre Churches comes from the strength and richness of our existing diversity offering an opportunity for further trust, learning and service to develop. Our mission is to bring Christ into the world as an expression of his love. It arises from the power of the Eucharist to change us and to transform what we are called to do in our everyday lives. Thus we wish to look outward and to focus on the world. Our Anglo-Catholic tradition is reflected in the use of vestments and incense and a full team of servers within the context of traditional ceremonial. Central to the life of the church is the Sunday 10.30 am Sung Eucharist, which attracts an average congregation of 110 with a Sunday School of around 20 young people. A Sung Eucharist is also used to celebrate major festivals. A said Mass is offered every Sunday at 8.30 am. A healing Eucharist is held once a quarter. 

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The parish has adopted and operates the standard Diocesan approved safeguarding policy. The PCC reviews it annually to ensure it is fit for purpose. 

The parish Safeguarding Officer is Gill Pace