treble 4-1-14 2' 3¼'' F With chearfull voice, Lord, I'll sing to thee
2nd 4-2-26 2' 4½'' D# Have faith in Christ, and live eternally
3rd 5-0-24 2' 6¼'' C# We call, Come ye, watch and pray
4th 5-3-26 2' 7½'' C In praise to God loudly we unite. Hallelujah!
5th 7-0-26 2' 10'' A# In concert all Jehovah's name resound
Tenor 9-0-14 3' 1'' G# To Father, Son and Holy Ghost, eternal glory raise

All are also inscribed : 1789, Dalton maker, York

The vicar at that time was William Dade, and the four churchwardens' names are given - William Bayldon, Christopher Bearpark, William Cuthbert, Richard Wood

This was the last ring of bells to be cast in York for a York church, replacing earlier bells which had been installed in the 15th century.

At the beginning the 20th century, the frame was unsafe, and in 1914 a bequest was made for the purpose of restoring and rehanging, but it proved inadequate, so until 1988 only chiming was possible. The bells were rehung, on a new frame, in September 1988, after refitting by Taylor's of Loughborough. At the same time a band was started, and taught by John Bisson (with help from, among others, the late Ron Dove).

We now ring for Sunday service between 9.30 - 10.20 a.m. As a ground floor ring, in full view of the congregation, we must have featured on many a tourist's holiday photos!


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